Report shines light on ACO successes, strategies

As healthcare leaders look for ways to create value-based payment models, many organizations are implementing ACOs. HCTTF said there are more than 900 ACOs that cover about 32.4 million lives in the U.S. 

The report highlights ACOs’ experience by evaluating proficiency across key activities, educating organizations about the importance of key activities and prioritizing improvement efforts based on unique needs.

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Value-based payment - the bipartisan health care win America needs

One of health care policy’s current parlor games is over: The Trump administration will move forward with federal support for value-based payment for health care services.

In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), expressed strong support for value-based payment, including the powerful testing laboratory that is the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

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Health Care Transformation Task Force Names Lansky as Chair

David Lansky, CEO of the Pacific Business Group on Health, is the new chair of the Health Care Transformation Task Force, the organization announced Wednesday.

Lansky, who replaces Trinity Health CEO Dr. Richard Gilfillan, will be joined by newly elected vice chair Fran Soistman, executive vice president at Aetna, and secretary/treasurer Mary Beth Kuderik, chief strategy and financial officer of UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust. The task force, which represents both hospitals and insurance companies as an advocate for value-based care, works with patients, payers, providers and purchasers to reform healthcare delivery.

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Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs saved $652M Last Year

New data released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shows more evidence that accountable care organizations have reduced direct Medicare spending in 2016.

Participants in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), the agency’s largest ACO program, saved a total of $652 million, according to data released on Friday by CMS. Like it did earlier this month with information about the Pioneer ACOs and Next Generation ACO model, the agency released the data with little fanfare and included the information in spreadsheets with no announcement.

In total, data from the MSSP, Pioneer ACOs, Next Generation and Comprehensive ESRD Care (CEC) Model reduced gross Medicare spending by $836 million in 2016, returning $70.6 million in net savings to the Medicare Trust Fund, according to an analysis of the information from the Health Care Transformation Task Force.

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Editorial : Healthcare Transformation 2.0

Last year, Modern Healthcare launched the Transformation Hub, shortly after crafting a mission statement that re-established our commitment to providing industry leaders with news, events and data that advance higher-quality, lower-cost and patient-centered care. This section of our website was developed in partnership with Avia, a consultancy that helps hospitals focus on innovation and find startup partners.

Since then, the Transformation Hub has published more than 100 stories that have highlighted the problems facing providers. We have showcased systems that were empowering entrepreneurial staff to solve their own problems and making a profit from those ideas through venture capital projects. 

In the past year, we've realized that the strides we've made in promoting innovations and best practices also need to evolve. So we've revamped the Transformation Hub and added partners.

The Health Care Transformation Task Force was drawn to the Transformation Hub because it reflects its own mission. The consortium has representatives of the most forward-thinking organizations in the industry and is made up of providers, payers and vendors.

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Cleveland Clinic Adds Big Name to VBC Task Force

The Cleveland Clinic is a big name to add to the HCTTF’s influence as it’s already a champion of VBC. The large nonprofit health system has a focus on teaching and research. It also has a business unit dedicated to population health, which is another key element of the task force.

“It is essential for health systems to work collaboratively across industry with patients, payers, and purchasers to truly transform delivery systems,” Kevin Sears, executive director of market and network services at Cleveland Clinic said in the press release. “We are pleased to be a part of this task force for advocacy, payment model best practices, and support on the path to value-based care.”

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Health Groups Urge Trump, Congress to Maintain Push for Value-Based Care (US News & World Report)

Dozens of health care organizations – including professional groups, insurers, pharmaceutical giants and hospital chains – are urging the White House and members of Congress to preserve key reforms as debate over Obamacare and the overall future of the nation's health care system rages on.

The organizations – which include the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, Sanofi, Merck, Catholic Health Initiatives and several Blue Cross Blue Shield plans nationwide – are sending a letter to political leaders Wednesday calling on them to accelerate, not impede, the transformation of the fee-for-service health system to one based on payment for a high value of care.

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Health Care Transformation Task Force Calls on Trump Administration to Move Value-Based Care Forward

A group that includes six of the nation's top 15 health systems and four of the top 25 payers urged the Trump-Pence administration to make a commitment to value-based healthcare payment reform.

The 43-member Health Care Transformation Task Force wrote a letter to the incoming administration about the need to continue to reduce spending and drive quality improvements by rewarding providers for value, rather than volume of services.

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