Task Force Submits Recommendations on Consumer Priorities to CMS

The Task Force believes it is imperative that consumers/patients and caregivers are included at every step as value-based models are developed, implemented, and assessed. In the quest for person-centered, value-driven care, there are examples of success in both the private and public sectors, but challenges and gaps remain in fully engaging consumers in a meaningful and desirable way. In a Task Force resource released last year, we advanced six guiding principles for addressing consumer priorities in value-based care:

1. Include patients/consumers/caregivers as partners in decision-making at all levels of care;
2. Deliver person-centered care;
3. Design alternative payment models (APMs) that benefit consumers;
4. Drive continuous quality improvement;
5. Accelerate use of person-centered health information technology; and,
6. Promote health equity for all.

We recognize that the principles above must be broadly adopted in order to realize a fully patient-centered and consumer-driven health care system. The Task Force believes that CMS can play a key role in advancing the principles; below, we offer concrete recommendations for CMS to address the consumer priority principles as a part of its current and future efforts.

Task Force Response Summary

1. Design alternative payment models (APMs) that benefit consumers.
2. Drive continuous quality improvement.
3. Accelerate the use of person-centered health information technology.

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Letter submitted on October 26, 2017