The Health Care Transformation Task Force Welcomes Four New Members in 2023

WASHINGTON (May 4, 2023) The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF or Task Force) is excited to welcome four new members, each of whom will add important and unique perspectives to the Task Force membership. So far this year, the Task Force Board has approved Honest Medical Group, the American Heart Association, the National Patient Advocate Foundation, and the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health as new members. The Task Force is excited to collaborate to strive toward a value-based health care system that improves care for all.  

“We are excited to welcome the Task Force’s newest patient and provider members and we look forward to adding their various perspectives into our work.” said Jeff Micklos, HCTTF Executive Director. “In particular, the addition of three patient groups shows the growing importance and awareness of value-based care among those populations that our provider and payer members serve every day.”    

“Honest Medical Group looks forward to collaborating with the Task Force to accelerate the adoption of value-based care to achieve better outcomes for patients and deliver on our mission that revolves around the quadruple aim” said Andy Marino, Senior Vice President of Honest Medical Group. “We strongly believe that aligning incentives and promoting collaboration with doctors is essential for developing next generation delivery systems that benefit patients.” 

The American Heart Association is committed to collaborating with HCTTF to continue our value journey, which began in 2017 with a call to action for payment and delivery system reform,” said Melanie Phelps, National Policy Advisor at the American Heart Association. “We are dedicated to working toward more ubiquitous adoption of a value-based system of health that is person-centered, focused on improving individual and population level experience and outcomes and optimizing health for all.” 

“The National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) is pleased to join like-minded organizations to amplify the voices of patients and advocate for better access to affordable, equitable, and high-quality care,” said Alan Balch, Chief Executive Officer of NPAF. “We have a longstanding history of supporting value-based care and payment models and look forward to joining forces to achieve health care transformation.” 

We’re excited to continue our involvement with HCTTF, an organization so closely aligned with our mission of accelerating the adoption of value-based care,” said Joy Burkhard, Executive Director, Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health. “Our specific focus on the maternal mental health space is critical to reducing costs and improving health outcomes beginning at birth.” 

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