The Task Force Writes to HHS Secretary Becerra on Driving Health Equity and Affordability through Value-Based Payment

The Health Care Transformation Task Force wrote a letter to the Honorable Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with recommendations for driving health equity and affordability through value-based payment. This letter aligns with the priorities and perspectives conveyed in a recent communication to Secretary Becerra that the Task Force joined with 16 other organizations. The Task Force letter expresses the following:

  1. Value-based payment models are essential to advancing health equity and affordability for individuals and communities
  2. Value-based care coordinates among various independent stakeholders and incentivizes cost reductions and improved quality outcomes
  3. Value-based payment arrangements create a more resilient health care system
  4. Office of Personnel Management’s direct-hire authority should be requested to ramp up CMMI staffing

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