Comments on OCR HIPAA RFI

The Health Care Transformation Task Force responded to the potential modifications to rules as proposed in the Request for Information and provided comment on the provisions of the HIPAA rules that present obstacles to the transformation of health care payment and care delivery away from fee-for-service to a value-based health care system.

Task Force Response Summary

  1. Promoting Information Sharing for Treatment and Care Coordination. The Task Force urges OCR to expedite and regularly update Frequently Asked Questions guidance documents and/or commentaries in response to recurrent questions regarding common provider circumstances to clarify which activities are and are not permitted.
  2. Removing Regulatory Obstacles and Reducing Regulatory Burden To Facilitate Care Coordination and Promote Value-Based Health Care Transformation. The Task Force recommended to SAMHSA that the definition of population health management and/or the list of services permitted for the purposes of health care operations be amended to include care coordination and care management. The Task Force recommends that OCR coordinate with SAMHSA to ensure consistency in definitions pertaining to population health management activities.



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