Stories from the Field: Implementing Principles of Person-Centered Care

The Health Care Transformation Task Force released Stories From the Field: Implementing Principles of Person-Centered Care, a companion guide to the Task Force’s Person-Centered Care Principles released in September 2021. Health care organizations have long recognized the importance of operating effective, person-centered care programs and pursuing policies that advance health equity yet knowing where to begin can be challenging.  

The Implementation Guide was developed in collaboration with the Task Force’s Patient-Centered Priorities Work Group and features best practices that exemplify the Task Force’s five patient-centered care principles. The Guide includes an operational “checklist” of steps and processes that successful organizations can use to achieve their patient-centered goals. The checklist also highlights actions that are critical to addressing the scope and objective of each principle. The models featured in the Guide reflect examples of how the field is innovating and progressing, and is not meant to be viewed as an exhaustive catalogue of the patient-centered care strategy implementation occurring in the field.  

We encourage your organization to utilize the Implementation Guide to advance your patient-centered priorities, and to share the guide with others in the field. 

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