The Task Force Responds to the Senate Finance Committee’s RFI on Behavioral Health

The Health Care Transformation Task Force filed comments in response to the Senate Finance Committee’s RFI on behavioral health, offering recommendations related to the five topic areas in the RFI: 1) strengthening the workforce; 2) increasing integration, coordination, and access to care; 3) ensuring parity; 4) expanding telehealth; and 5) ensuring access for children and young people. The Task Force’s comments center around three main themes:

    1. Making behavioral health care more accessible and affordable for all individuals is more critical than ever as we continue to experience the effects of the Public Health Emergency (PHE);
    2. Implementing behavioral health care equitably requires improving access to behavioral health services in underserved communities, recruiting, hiring, and training a more diverse workforce, and expanding telehealth post PHE; and
    3. Improving behavioral health care requires integration into and coordination with physical health care, which will drive better outcomes.

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