Integrating Social Services into Care for the High-Need, High-Cost Population: Webinar Recording and Resources

Effectively caring for high-need, high-cost patients requires providers to think beyond the clinical setting and tackle the social determinants of health. Yet integrating social services into health care can be a daunting challenge that requires a clear understanding of the target population, available resources, and an effective integration model.

Join our speakers as they walk through a new Task Force-endorsed framework on social services integration, and provide an in-depth case study on how one high-performing community health system has successfully infused social services into its care delivery system.

View the webinar recording.

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Additional Resources:

HCTTF Resource Sheet

Additional relevant programs and resources for organizations interested in social services integration.

Better Care Playbook

A collaborative project that is geared at helping health care organizations participating in value-based payment models and adopting evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes and lower overall costs of care

AHRQ Statistical Brief on Health Expenditure Concentration