Work Groups and Advisory Groups



Our Work and Advisory Groups are comprised of members and, in the case of Work Groups, subject matter experts. They are aligned across strategic objectives:

Advancing effective value-based priorities

Driving implementation through execution leadership

Facilitating shared learnings

Promoting value-based payment and care delivery

In accordance with these objectives, the Work and Advisory Groups produce tools and resources for public distribution, comment on value-related policy, and serve as forums for organizations to share learnings with one another.


Our Work Groups

Work Groups bring together Task Force members and experienced external stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Advanced Payer/Provider Partnerships Work Group

Development of strategies and readiness principles for advanced risk and/or mature total cost-of-care (capitated) models. Provides a forum to discuss other ways to achieve the transformation to value, including: defining the foundational and aspirational principles of population-based payment; identifying best practices and areas for improvement; anticipating “future state” needs for alternate payment models; sharing lessons learned and challenges faced by organizations trying to scale advanced payment models; and evaluating the efficacy of existing models.

Implementing Value Models Work Group

Technical review and support of existing value-based payment models among private and public payers, including as accountable care organizations, bundled payments, and advanced primary care models. The group evaluates value models, identifies improvements to value model design and implementation, and assesses market factors and provider/payer characteristics that impact success, while finding opportunities to synchronize value models.

Patient-Centered Priorities Work Group

Infuse input from consumers in the development of innovative payment and delivery models. Identify opportunities to advance implementation of previously-developed consumer priorities principles. Share lessons learned from population health efforts, especially as they pertain to the patient experience and high-need, high-cost patients. Evaluate benefit design and patient adoption of value models.


Our Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups focus on advancing Task Force and member organization goals.

Path to Transformation Advisory Group

Provides a forum for members to identify areas of significant challenges in the transition to value and to discuss experiences on how best to address these challenges, building upon the Transformation to Value: A Leadership Guide. Also, members share approaches and learnings on challenging areas of transformation; incentivize leadership and staff to transform to value; and identify attractive partners for value relationships.

Promoting Value Advisory Group

Pursues opportunities to publicly promote the benefits of value-based payment and care delivery by showcasing both the collective efforts of the Task Force in moving towards value, and the related work of individual Task Force members. Member representatives have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded institutions to identify multi-purpose, promotional strategies and messaging.

Public Policy Advisory Group

Sets policy priorities, identifies opportunities for the Task Force to advance a public policy agenda that furthers value-based transformation, and encourages alignment across public and private payers. Develops guidelines for the Task Force as it relates to engaging policymakers and other external organizations in issue education and advocacy.