Task Force Comments on LAN Draft White Paper: APM Framework Refresh

The Task Force supports several of the modifications included in the refreshed Framework. First, the HCTTF agrees with the change to the foundational statements emphasizing that payment reform is a vehicle for financing delivery systems that improve value, not a goal in its own right. We believe the foundation of value-based delivery systems is person-centered, coordinated care, and that the transition away from fee-for-service payments must maintain the core objectives of better health, high quality care and reduced total cost of care. Additionally, the Task Force agrees with the clarification of the new Principle 3, which acknowledges that Category 2C APMs may be the most appropriate payment model for some providers. This acknowledgement reflects the sentiments of our members that there is no “one-size-fits-all” outcome for every stakeholder and market.

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Letter submitted on June 27, 2017