HCTTF Alternative Payment Model Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

The Health Care Transformation Task Force developed the Alternative Payment Model (APM) Roles and Responsibilities Matrix as a resource to support payer, provider, and purchaser efforts to clearly identify and assign roles and responsibilities for common APM workstreams and activities. The goal of the matrix is to clearly identify the relationships between the parties implementing the APM, recognize gaps or overlaps in responsibilities, improve efficiencies and communication, and promote successful operations.

Successful APM partnerships require clear communication and coordination between providers, payers, and purchasers across a wide range of activities such as financial models, benefit design, care delivery, data management, and quality strategies. This resource is intended for use by two or more entities working under an existing APM contract or planning a new APM partnership.

The resource guide and Excel-based matrix cover the most common APM activities and can be customized to reflect a user’s specific APM or integrated into existing organizational project management plans.


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