Engaging Consumers in Care Delivery: An Implementation Framework

Ideal person-centered, value-driven health care involves consumers in all aspects of decision-making about their health care. In practice, however, most health care delivery falls far short of achieving this goal. The Health Care Transformation Task Force has created this implementation framework for engaging consumers in care delivery against which organizations can adopt, evaluate and/or refine their efforts (“Framework”). The Framework reflects a deeper dive into the first of the Task Force’s six Consumer Priorities for Value-Based Care:

Person centered, value-driven health care delivery includes patients/consumers as partners in all aspects of decision-making about their health care.


The Framework is organized around three core elements of care that engage patients. Within each is a set of best practices that organizations can use to evaluate existing efforts and/or use to support new initiatives. These best practices are accompanied by case studies of high-performing programs. The three core elements include:

A. Coordination of Care and Systems of Care, Including Physical/Mental Health and Social Services. Includes key elements like care planning/care team approach, integration of services, and care outside the four walls of a facility such as telehealth/digital health, home health, and other support services.

B. Shared and Empowered Decision-Making. Addresses shared decision-making tools, meaningful consumer guidance on provider quality/value, individual preference/goal definition, informed consent, access to personal health data, and accessibility/support such as health literacy, language support, disability support, and cultural/linguistic competency.

C. Individual Activation for Self-Management. Incorporates elements such as peer support models, use of social media, and other tools/technology to support personal health management.

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