Webinar: The Future of Accountable Care

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Health Care Transformation Task Force hosted a webinar exploring how participation in evidence-based lifestyle counseling and therapeutic interventions may improve provider performance in value-based Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

The webinar featured David Donahue, MD, a physician who participates in the Aledade Delaware ACO market and practices Lifestyle Medicine, and Tyler Blanchard, ACO Executive Director at Aledade. In addition to exploring the impact that Lifestyle Medicine can have on ACO performance, the webinar shared overview of the new Administration, including a 2021 policy outlook, and reflections on the first ten years of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s value-based payment models.


  • David Donahue, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Lifestyle Medicine at Progressive Health of Delaware
  • Tyler Blanchard, ACO Executive Director, Aledade
  • Jeff Micklos, Executive Director, Health Care Transformation Task Force
  • Susan Benigas, Executive Director, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

View the Webinar Recording

Originally broadcast on April 13, 2021