HCTTF Kicks Off Phase Two of the Maternal Health Hub

From 2020 – 2021, the Health Care Transformation Task Force – with support from the Commonwealth Fund – created and ran the Maternal Health Hub (MHH or The Hub).  Over the course of that project, the Task Force led a valuable dialogue to identify and share best practices from successful public- and private-payer models in developing policies and strategies to advance value-based payment adoption for maternity care.

The Task Force is very excited to announce the start of The Hub, Phase 2!  Over the coming year the Task Force – via the Hub – will share learnings on effective value-based payment strategies for maternity care that center health equity and address the need for anti-racist health system transformation. The Maternal Health Hub will continue to bring interested stakeholders together monthly to share learnings on the necessary components to creating an equitable payment model that successfully improves maternity care outcomes and lowers costs. Topics to discuss include performance measurement (with a focus on patient-reported outcome measures); promising practices and opportunities in states for integrating health equity in models; and general APM operational issues (including data and infrastructure needs).

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