HCTTF Provides Recommendations to CMS on Improving the Medicare Shared Savings Program

The Task Force sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with recommendations for improving the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). The letter identifies four key areas for improvement:  

  1. Sustaining efficient Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): To improve the sustainability of MSSP participation for efficient ACOs, the Task Force recommends increasing the weighting of the regional efficiency adjustment to the benchmark and raising or removing the 5% cap on the regional efficiency adjustment. 
  2. Retaining and driving improvement among inefficient ACOs: To retain and incentivize improvement among inefficient MSSP ACOs, the Task Force recommends increasing prior savings adjustments and removing negative regional adjustments for ACOs spending more than their region. 
  3. Encouraging greater accountability through a new advanced risk track: To encourage greater accountability, the Task Force encourages CMS to develop a new advanced risk track in MSSP incorporating greater risk/reward opportunities, additional financial flexibilities, and expanding benefit enhancements in the new MSSP advanced risk track. 
  4. Implementing general MSSP improvements that would apply to all ACOs: The Task Force also recommends broader updates to the MSSP program, such as creating additional flexibilities for ACOs to form provider networks and contract with specialists, simplifying the waiver process for telehealth and the three-day SNF rule, streamlining patient attribution, and implementing options for primary care capitation. 


The Task Force urges CMS to take action and implement these recommendations to improve the sustainability and accountability of ACOs in MSSP and provide better care for Medicare beneficiaries. 

Read the Letter Here