HCTTF Responds to Health Care Innovation Caucus RFI

The imperative for the health care industry to innovate towards a value-based system remains more important than ever. The goal of affordable, high-quality health care that best meets the needs of consumers and patients is clinically, economically, and morally indisputable. As the bipartisan passage of MACRA demonstrates, the principles of value-based payment are nonpartisan and necessary to fix a system that spends too much on health care with less-than-optimal results. We commend the Chairpersons of this Caucus for the declarative support for accelerating the industry transition from volume to value-driven health care. As Congress considers policy to advance value-based care in Medicare and Medicaid, we would also encourage lawmakers to consider ways to encourage adoption of value-based care across additional federal programs, which could promote value transformation across commercial carriers and providers.

Read the letter for the Task Force comments on Value-Based Provider Payment, Health IT, and oversight of the PTAC.

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Letter submitted on July 30, 2018