The Task Force Provides Input to CMS on Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Access, Finance, and Quality Rule

The Health Care Transformation Task Force submitted comments on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Access, Finance, and Quality Proposed Rule (CMS-2439-P). The Task Force letter focused on the following:

  • STATE DIRECTED PAYMENTS: HCTTF supports efforts to reduce regulatory burdens in Medicaid related to the use of State Directed Payments (SDPs) as a tool for advancing Medicaid program goals and objectives, particularly in the realm of value-based payment models. The Task Force offers CMS recommendations on some of the proposed implementation requirements that are included in these reforms as they relate to provider contracting and to the use of measures for pay-for-performance.
  • MEDICAL LOSS RATIO: The Task Force supports CMS’ proposal to require that Medicaid managed care plans include SDPs in their MLR report, as well as the proposal to align MLR reporting processes with Marketplace plans.
  • QUALITY AND TRANSPARENCY: The Task Force supports CMS’ proposed initial mandatory measure set, as well as the criteria proposed for determining future measures. HCTTF does urge CMS to seek measure alignment with other models and programs, as well as with collection and timelines used for HEDIS measures, in current and future rulemaking. Finally, the Task Force supports the goal of creating a “one-stop-shop” web portal for Medicaid and CHIP enrollees to access information on plans, providers, and quality, but urges CMS to seek enrollee input in the design of this tool.


Read the Letter Here