The Task Force Releases Consumer Engagement and Education in Health Care Transformation Resources

WASHINGTON (March 14, 2024) – The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF or Task Force) – a group of leading health care payers, providers, purchasers, patient organizations, and value transformation partners – released a two-part resource on Consumer Engagement and Education in Health Care Value Transformation. The primary resource, Tools and Resources for Communicating the Benefits of Value-Based Care to Consumers and Patients identifies effective messaging strategies and resources, including original Task Force messaging and graphics on value-based care, that stakeholders can use in their communication efforts. The support resource, The Importance of Consumer Engagement for Payers, Providers, and Community-Based Organizations provides stakeholders with background on the importance of educating and engaging consumers and patients in value-based care efforts and summarizes research on what messages are likely to resonate with that critical audience.   

There is growing recognition that consumer priorities and experiences should be at the center of value-based care delivery and supporting payment models. However, this recognition largely has not translated into payers and providers having direct conversations with consumers on the topic. The Task Force believes there is a vital need for CMS, commercial payers, health care providers, and community-based organizations to develop and test messages that speak to the needs and concerns of consumers and patients. Proper communications will increase consumer and patient engagement and improve the health care system’s ability to deliver high-quality, efficient, person-centered care.  

As part of the new release, the Task Force presents three original messaging tools, including a consumer education graphic, that communicate what value-based care is, and highlight how value seeks to improve care for people. These resources are available in both English and Spanish and are all below a 7th grade reading level for ease of use. The Task Force encourages stakeholders to incorporate these tools into their communication strategies; they are provided in a quick “Print-Ready” packet. 

“Effective consumer education and engagement in value-based care are necessary for successful health system transformation, which is why payers and providers must commit to improving communications strategies with their enrollees and patients,“ said Todd Van Tol, Executive Vice President of Health Care Value, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and HCTTF Board Chair. “Consumer education creates a positive feedback loop, leading to greater patient engagement in their care, strengthening the health care system overall.” 

“As we work to evolve our health care system into one that can effectively and respectfully serve people’s needs, we need to do a better job of centering the patient,” said Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, Vice President for Health Justice, National Partnership for Women & Families and HCTTF Executive Committee Member. “Improving communication, understanding, and trust between providers and patients and their families is indispensable. Consumer education materials like those in this Task Force resource, is an important step forward in achieving this.”  

“It is critical that health care actors seek to align value-based messaging with consumer priorities, including how value can impact their lived experiences,” said Jeff Micklos, HCTTF Executive Director. “The Task Force’s new release presents effective messaging strategies and communication tools that can be easily incorporated into efforts to better engage consumers and grow their demand for value.”  

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