Webinar: Beyond Surveys: How Health Systems Engage Patients

Putting the consumer back in “Consumer Engagement” is important work. Health systems are increasingly engaging with consumers to ensure that consumer voices are more widely informing clinical practice. The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF) and the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation (CCEHI) released a case study report highlighting how three health systems – Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Trinity Health, and HRHCare – are implementing strategies to engage consumers and their families in governance and operational decision-making. HCTTF and CCEHI hosted a webinar featuring a patient panel with PFAC participants from two of the organizations featured in the case studies – Children’s Mercy Kansas City and Trinity Health. Each participant discussed how these systems’ patient engagement structures have improved the care experience for patients. Representatives from each organization also presented on their work with patients to create opportunities to build relationships and have ongoing dialogue using advisory councils.


  • Deejo Miller, Patient and Family Engagement Program Manager, Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Susan Kheder, LMSW, Former Executive Director, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, Trinity Health
  • Katherine Brieger, MA, RD, CCE, Executive Director, Planetree Institute & Chief of Clinical Strategy and Research, HRHCare
  • Joshua Traylor, MPH, Director, Health Care Transformation Task Force
  • Renée Markus Hodin, JD, Deputy Director, Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation

More about the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation

The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation (CCEHI) at Community Catalyst is devoted to learning and sharing knowledge to bring the consumer experience to the forefront of health innovation in order bring about health system transformation, with an emphasis on working with vulnerable and historically underserved populations. The Center engages in investments in state and local advocacy, leadership development, research and evaluation, and consultative services to delivery systems and health plans.


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Originally broadcast on March 24th, 2020