Webinar: Health Care Payment Reform: Are We Already Bending the Cost Curve?

Health care is expensive and bending the health care cost curve has been an objective of health care policy reforms for decades. The most recent reform efforts have focused on alternative payment models (APMs) designed to reward the efficacy and quality of care rather than the volume of services delivered.  Given the extensive portfolio of overlapping and interacting APMs in both the public and private sectors, how do we know if reform efforts are actually bending the cost curve and (more importantly) how should this shape future payment and care delivery policies?

On Wednesday, September 29th from 1-2pm ET the Task Force hosted a webinar exploring recent HCTTF work examining changes in projected and actual National Health Expenditure (NHE) growth and featuring a panel discussion with Rick Gilfillan (Founding Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and Founding Chair of HCTTF), Amol Navathe (MedPAC Commissioner and Director of the Payment Insights Team at the University of Pennsylvania), and Joshua Traylor (Director at HCTTF).

In this webinar panelists discussed NHE trends, the factors impacting spending, the potential role that APMs may play in slowing spending growth, and lessons that policymakers can apply to future reform efforts.

View the Recording Here


Originally broadcasted on September 29, 2021