Task Force Provides Input on CMS Proposed Rulemaking on CY 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

The HCTTF supports moving Medicare payment for physician services to a value-based formula that is person-centered and rewards for Triple Aim outcomes of better care, lower cost, and better health. We believe that the Medicare Shared Savings Program plays a significant role in supporting these goals. Many of our members were early participants in the MSSP and other Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACOs) programs, and therefore provide a unique perspective founded in on-the-ground experience with the implementation of the programs’ provisions.

Task Force Summary Response

1. Improving Payment for Primary Care.
2. Quality Measurement. The Health Care Transformation Task Force supports the following quality principles:

a. Quality measurement should focus on outcomes and patient experience
b. Quality measurement should be consensus-based
c. Quality measurement should allow for the rapid accommodation of changes in evidence-based medicine
d. Quality measurement should cross over different payers and programs and every program should prioritize alignment with other programs
e. Quality measurement should materially impact the financial performance of value driven health care models

3. Beneficiary Alignment. We urge CMS to ensure that a streamlined, automated process is in place and available for all three tracks of the MSSP such that beneficiaries can designate their main doctor directly to CMS.
4. SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver Beneficiary Protections. The Task Force recognizes that the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) 3-day rule waiver can improve quality of care as the patient will be able to leave the hospital earlier or completely avoid hospitalization thus reducing risk of hospital acquired infections or other complications. Patients directly admitted to a SNF are more mobile from admission and more likely to receive timely rehabilitation therapies. Additionally, direct SNF admit programs reduce total medical expense while improving outcomes.
5. Expansion of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Model. The Task Force endorses CMS’ proposal to expand the DPP.


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Letter submitted on September 6, 2016