Editorial : Healthcare Transformation 2.0

Last year, Modern Healthcare launched the Transformation Hub, shortly after crafting a mission statement that re-established our commitment to providing industry leaders with news, events and data that advance higher-quality, lower-cost and patient-centered care. This section of our website was developed in partnership with Avia, a consultancy that helps hospitals focus on innovation and find startup partners.

Since then, the Transformation Hub has published more than 100 stories that have highlighted the problems facing providers. We have showcased systems that were empowering entrepreneurial staff to solve their own problems and making a profit from those ideas through venture capital projects. 

In the past year, we’ve realized that the strides we’ve made in promoting innovations and best practices also need to evolve. So we’ve revamped the Transformation Hub and added partners.

The Health Care Transformation Task Force was drawn to the Transformation Hub because it reflects its own mission. The consortium has representatives of the most forward-thinking organizations in the industry and is made up of providers, payers and vendors.

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