Building the Business Case for Health Equity Investment: Strategies to Secure Sustainable Support

The Health Care Transformation Task Force is excited to announce the release of Building the Business Case for Health Equity Investment: Strategies to Secure Sustainable Support (Business Case). This resource offers concrete and practical information for how to bring health care organizations’ leadership on board with investing in and addressing health equity. 

The Business Case provides insights into three key pieces to addressing the health equity “puzzle”: 1) making the case for investment, 2) operationalizing the investment, and 3) long-term success and sustainability. It is deliberately designed for use across all segments of the health care system and seeks to address questions such as:  

  • What language and evidence are needed when making the case that advancing health equity should be integrated into the organization’s overarching strategic plan?  
  • What does true commitment to advancing health equity look like from C-Suite leaders and governance, all the way to various managers and front-line workers?  
  • How do organizations identify who will be accountable for developing and implementing sustainable health equity initiatives, and ensure that they understand their charge?  
  • Who are trusted business and community partners and allies? How will collaboration be facilitated to advance shared equity goals? What common goals can be achieved working together?  
  • What public policy levers must be considered to advance organizational goals and initiatives?  

Included in the release is the Business Case resource, as well as a brief summary, and an infographic. Please share widely with your networks. 

As a stand-alone resource, this Business Case will support the Task Force’s ongoing efforts to promote health equity initiatives as outlined in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Raising the Bar project. As a contributor to the Raising the Bar framework, the Task Force believes this Business Case offers key guidance that complements the four transformational health care system roles as outlined in the RTB framework.   

Read the Business Case Here


Read the introductory summary and view the Building the Business Case infographic.