Promoting Equity and Value in Maternity Care

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Developing and implementing processes and infrastructure to support the delivery of high-value care must be coupled with a health equity framework and an enabling public policy environment in order to achieve meaningful change. This new report, Promoting Equity and Value in Maternity Care, describes why equity must be treated as a central value, on par with other key values such as quality and cost, in any value-based models for maternity care. To inform this work, the Task Force convened a cross-sector group of maternity care experts to identify strategies to accelerate the dissemination of effective value-based payment and delivery system models that improve maternity health outcomes, eliminate disparities, and advance health equity.

In conjunction with the report, the Task Force launched an online resource: The Maternal Health Hub houses a comprehensive library of resources and best practices to advance a culture of health equity and enable a public policy environment that accelerates the adoption of value-based payment strategies and care models. The resource repository is premised on naming and addressing systemic racism, classism, and sexism in the health care system as a critical step toward eliminating health disparities and creating a new system that recognizes and honors the preferences of pregnant persons.


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Download the Report

Additional Resources

In 2019, HCTTF released a report, Expanding Access to Outcomes-Driven Maternity Care through Value-Based Payment, and called on CMS to test an alternative payment model for maternity care.

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