HCTTF Submits Recommendations to House Budget Committee’s Health Care Task Force

The Task Force submitted recommendations to the House of Representatives’ Budget Committee in response to the Committee’s solicitation on solutions to improve outcomes and reduce federal health spending.  The recommendations focused on the following topics:

Regulatory, statutory or implementation barriers that could be addressed to reduce health care spending.

  • Refine the CMS Innovation Center’s Model Expansion Authority
  • Reform the Physician Self-Referral and Antikickback Laws to Better Support Uptake of Alternate Payment Arrangements

Efforts to promote and incorporate innovation into programs like Medicare to reduce health care spending and improve patient outcomes.

  • Advance Alternate Payment Arrangement in Both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Enact the Value in Health Care Act of 2023
  • Enact Legislation to Require Value-Based Care and Related Payment Models in Other Federal Health Care Programs

Examples of evidence-based cost-effective preventive health care measures or interventions that can reduce long-term health care costs.

  • Investing in Community Health Workers
  • Integrating Food Is Medicine into Primary Care
  • Providing Access to Affordable, Stable Housing


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