Task Force Response to State Innovation Model Request for Information

We believe the State Innovation Model can continue to serve as a key driver for advancing the Triple Aim within the new context provided by MACRA. Our comments primarily focus on the dimensions of transformation where we believe state governments can have the most impact in supporting private sector health care organizations’ transition to delivering person-centered, value-based care, and how CMS can support this activity. We have also responded to the specific model concepts proposed by CMS.

General Recommendations for the State Innovation Model Initiative

1. Support stakeholder engagement and consumer engagement activities.
2. Integrate social services and behavioral health care.

Response to Proposed Model Concepts

1. Regarding Section I: Multi-payer state-based strategies to transition providers to advanced alternative payment models.
2. Regarding Section II: Assessing the impact of specific care interventions across multiple states.
3. Regarding Section III: Streamlined Federal/State interaction.

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Letter submitted on October 28, 2016