The Task Force Releases Business Case to Support Health Equity

WASHINGTON (January 24, 2023) –The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF or Task Force), a group of leading health care payers, providers, purchasers, patient organizations, and value transformation partners today announced the release of Building the Business Case for Health Equity Investment: Strategies to Secure Sustainable Support (Business Case). This resource speaks to 1) evidence and information for making the case for investment, 2) operationalizing the investment, and 3) maintaining long-term success and sustainability. It is deliberately designed for use across all segments of the health care system and seeks to address questions such as: 

  • What language and evidence are needed when making the case that advancing health equity should be integrated into the organization’s overarching strategic plan?  
  • What does true commitment to advancing health equity look like, from C-Suite leaders and governance, all the way to various managers and front-line workers?   
  • How do organizations identify who will be accountable for developing and implementing sustainable health equity initiatives, and ensure that they understand their charge?  
  • Who are trusted business and community partners and allies? How will collaboration be facilitated to advance shared equity goals? What common goals can be achieved working together?  
  • What public policy levers must be considered to advance organizational goals and initiatives?  

“The Task Force is excited to share this resource which is designed to support organizations and individuals throughout the health care system that are striving to improve equity for their patients, members, and the population as a whole,” said Emily Brower, Senior Vice President, Clinical Integration and Physician Services, Trinity Health. Health care organizations are uniquely situated to pursue equity and help achieve optimal health for all. 

“This resource offers concrete and practical information for how to achieve leadership buy-in for investing in and addressing health equity,” said Angie Meoli, SVP, Network Strategy & Provider Experience at Aetna, a CVS Health Company.  “It proactively speaks to the challenges and opportunities experienced by the payer, provider, and community partner communities.” 

“The pursuit of health equity has been a core value of the Health Care Transformation Task Force since its inception in 2014,” said Jeff Micklos, HCTTF Executive Director. “The Task Force expresses its appreciation to all of its members that contributed to the development of this resource, and thanks the co-chairs of its Health Equity Advisory Group (HEAG):  Kim Holland (Signify Health), Rachelle Wenger (CommonSpirit Health), Anikia Nelson (Clarify Health), and Bridget Hurd (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan) for their commitment to this effort.”  

In addition to serving as a stand-alone resource, the Task Force is pleased to view the Business Case as a resource that will support the ongoing work of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Raising the Bar project. As a contributor to, and supporter of the Raising the Bar framework, the Business Case offers key guidance the compliments the four transformational health care system roles as outlined in the RTB framework. 

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