Value-Based Care Amid COVID-19: Stories from the Frontlines

The COVID-19 pandemic and public health emergency swiftly disrupted the health care industry in the United States and globally. Health care systems participating in traditional fee-for-service medicine saw a precipitous drop in patients seeking care, starving them of revenue at the exact moment they needed resources to respond to COVID-19. In comparison, organizations participating in value-based payment arrangements had teams with existing capabilities to address population health needs, and access to a more resilient funding model to maintain access to patient-centered care. These organizations were better prepared to respond to the evolving public health crisis.

The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF or Task Force) gathered over 25 stories highlighting how HCTTF members have leveraged their value-based payment arrangements during the pandemic. These stories support the notion that participation in value-based payment arrangements offered an advantage in emergency response and that existing investments in population health infrastructure were a critical asset, allowing systems to rapidly adapt and meet patient needs. These examples offered by Task Force members include:

  • Leveraging existing operational capabilities in new ways
  • Utilizing existing partnerships and arrangements to maintain operations
  • Providing extra attention to unmet social needs and behavioral health
  • Rapid development of new communication tools

Accompanying these stories are two case studies further detailing Task Force member responses to the pandemic. The first case study highlights how Trinity Health’s experience in alternative payment models and building a population-based clinical approach aided their response to COVID-19. Another case study, featuring Cleveland Clinic and Anthem, delves into how their primary care capitation collaboration allowed for a rapid pivot to alternative means of access and the seamless continuation of care for patients.

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