Webinar: Value Partnership Evaluation Tool

The Health Care Transformation Task Force developed a Value Partnership Evaluation Tool to support leaders as they assess potential partner organizations – or themselves – for readiness to engage in successful value-based partnerships.

This interactive tool is designed around a set of core competencies determined to be necessary for successful partnerships and allows organizations to convert qualitative questions into a quantitative score to support decision making. Evaluators can customize the weight of each competency in the tool based on how important it is to the organization, modify the statements to reflect the organization’s priorities, and set a minimum acceptable score to move forward with partnership discussions.

This webinar highlighted the features, functions, and practical applications of the tool to evaluate payers, providers, and purchasers for value arrangements.


  • Brigitte Nettesheim, President of Joint Venture Market Operations, Aetna
  • Travis Broome, Vice President for Health Care Policy, Aledade
  • Jordan Hall, Executive Vice President of Accountable Care Operations, ApolloMed
  • Jeff Micklos, Executive Director, HCTTF
  • Joshua Traylor, Director, HCTTF

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Originally Broadcast on March 14th, 2019

The Value Partnership Evaluation Tool was designed in Microsoft Excel and is freely available for download along with a detailed user guide on the Task Force website.